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Tyreek Hill Blogs about the HCA Football Skills Camp!

By Hard Count Athletics, 03/01/19, 7:45AM PST


From Officialize


I have been trying to find ways to give back to as many people as I can all year but trying to take advantage of the offseason to reach out to other cities and states. This year I was invited by Hard Count Athletics to come to San Diego to host a football camp and it was very exciting. I knew this was an opportunity to bring the whole fam and bring my parents to San Diego for the first time. They were very excited to come to the west coast.

The camp was such a blast. We started off with a Q&A with some of the kids from the camp and they were asking me some pretty tough questions. We also all agreed my Madden speed should be a little higher. When it came time for the actual camp I was hyped! I have a lot of energy and all of the kids out there were matching my energy, which it made so fun. We were working out there, from QB precision drills to wide receiver footwork drills we had the kids out there grinding and getting better. I had to have a little fun and line up as a DB against some of the older kids so they can get a taste of what’s to come.

We had to end the camp with a speed competition of course. There were some pretty quick kids out there and having a little competition always brings some excitement.

The main reason I enjoy these camps is that it gives kids opportunities I wish I had growing up. My favorite player growing up was Randy Moss and if he would have held a camp I would have begged my parents to go. It brings me joy to have these kids tell me how much they look up to me and tell me how much they enjoy seeing me play. It’s important to give these kids these type of opportunities. My son Zev may want to play football one day and I would bring him to camps like these so that also gives me more inspiration to have fun and teach football.

I want to thank Hard Count Athletics for inviting me out to this great camp, I’m excited to host more camps and also excited to come back to San Diego. I know my parents are already planning their next trip.

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