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HCA Announces the Tyreek Hill Skills Camp, its First Youth Flag Football Skills Camp of 2019

By Hard Count Athletics, 01/25/19, 1:00PM PST


Hard Count Athletics (HCA), the country’s premier youth flag football organization, is excited to announce the first installment in its 2019 youth flag football skills camp series. On February 23rd and 24th, HCA will offer an opportunity for youth players to interact with one of the brightest young stars in the NFL--Kansas City Chiefs All Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill--while also further working on the fundamentals that helped get Hill where he is today.  HCA’s skills camps, which feature one-on-one instruction by and with some of the NFL’s biggest stars, offer youth flag football players from across the country the chance to interact directly with NFL players and learn the secrets of what has led to their success at the highest level of football. 

What participants in our camps are invariably surprised to learn is that it was not just natural talent that led these players to make it to the NFL, but also hard work, dedication and thousands of hours of practice mastering the fundamentals. Besides the opportunity to learn from professional players and experienced coaches, our skills camps also feature intense skills work to help camp participants develop their personal skills and further master the game’s fundamentals to assist them in being more successful in their weekly youth flag football leagues. If your child is interested in meeting one of the NFL’s most talented young wide receivers and further developing his or her fundamental skills, then consider registering for the HCA 2019 Tyreek Hill Skills Camp.

The 2019 HCA Tyreek Hill Skills Camp

HCA's Tyreek Hill Skills Camp will be held on February 23rd and 24th at Poway High School in Poway, California, in the greater San Diego area. Registration is available here and every camp participant will receive a custom camp t-shirt of Tyreek Hill. An optional VIP experience is available which will allow a select few participants the opportunity to obtain a professional studio photograph with Hill, interact with him in a more intimate environment featuring a Q&A session with questions submitted by camp participants and the opportunity to bring a parent or other guest.

The camp’s first day will consist of various skill and agility stations that will assist young athletes to improve their speed, footwork and emphasize precision route running. In order to provide tailored instruction to each camp participant, depending on your child’s regular position on his or her youth flag football team, we also provide specific instructional training tailored to each position: quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs and linebackers. The second day of the camp will be a combine-type environment that will feature a series of individual competitions including the broad jump, shuttle run, three-cone drill and vertical jump. The day will be capped off by a timed 40-yard dash competition. Athletes of each age will compete against one another with one winner from each age group receiving a unique autographed football from Tyreek Hill himself.

Tyreek Hill’s Fabulous Success in the NFL In Only Three Short Seasons

Although not a particularly heralded prospect coming out of the University of West Alabama, Hill was drafted in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. Teams were impressed by his speed and work ethic, but there were questions as to whether his incredible feats in college were against what some teams believed to be less difficult competition and the fact that he was also shorter than some of the other top prospects in the 2016 draft at his position. As a result, he did not get him onto many teams’ radars until it was too late. However, since then Hill has proven his doubters wrong and has made the Chiefs front office looks like geniuses in selecting him when they did. Since entering the league in 2016, Hill has been named to the Pro Bowl every season and has twice been named a first team All Pro wide receiver, extremely rare feats for such a young player. Hill, along with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, recently helped the Kansas City Chiefs to a record-breaking year that saw the Chiefs fall in overtime in a close AFC title game to the New England Patriots, one game short of the Super Bowl. However, the future is bright indeed for the Chiefs, as Mahomes is in just his second year in the league and Hill only has three seasons under his belt; this is likely just the beginning of much success for the Chiefs.

Hill’s ability to run precise routes, stop and make a turn on a dime is one of the characteristics that has made him so successful, and he will share his secrets for success with camp participants. Hill has had to work extra hard because, unlike some receivers, he cannot rely on simply being half a foot taller than many defenders and simply jumping higher than the players covering him to make a catch.  This has made Hill renowned throughout the league not only for his speed and hands, but also for his ability to run crisp routes with pinpoint accuracy and shake his defender even when every team he faces matches him up against their top cornerback. Those types of moves only come from hard work, repetition and practice.

More about HCA and Its Skills Camps

Hard Count Athletics camps were created to give the professional athlete and aspiring professional athletes the chance to train together and inspire one another. We do this by removing traditional camp restrictions to allow the young and professional athletes the chance to interact. The number of camp participants is limited to 400 to ensure that every participant gets sufficient time at each station.  his also gives our celebrity athlete an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with each camper.

Tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics permit youth sports teams to hone their skills against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation and skills development. The six regional tournaments in the 2019 HCA Tournament Circuit, leading up to the HCA June 2019 national youth flag football championships in San Diego, give players and coaches the opportunity to use the hours of practice and time spent honing the basics to test their young athletes and give them both the motivation to improve their fundamentals and to compete against the best talent from around the country.

If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes to be his or her very best or developing his or her skills in an intensive yet fun skills camp environment through a camp experience like the 2019 Tyreek Hill Skills Camp, all the while doing so in an engaging format that emphasizes character development just as much as skill work, contact Hard Count Athletics today at