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Football Season Kicks Off, the Most Exciting Time of the Year for Many Sports Fans

By Hard Count Athletics, 09/07/18, 12:00PM PDT


The nation’s millions of football fans saw their long wait for the beginning of the football season come to what constituted (for some) a blessed end this past weekend when the college football season began in earnest, with several high-profile upsets. For those die-hard National Football League fans, the NFL began play on September 6 with a highly anticipated matchup between the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons.

For the devoted football fan, the end of the college and professional seasons in January and February, respectively, kicks off a long and often excruciating wait for the next fall when the season begins again.  This is many sports fans’ favorite time of the year, with professional and college football starting at the same time and running for several months.  The same is true for many youth leagues, which also typically start in the fall and run for several months. 

Youth Flag Football: Available Year-Round Unlike
College and the NFL

However, where youth flag football differs from college and the pros is that many youth flag football leagues operate year-round.  Even for those leagues that do not operate year-round, there are both regional and national tournaments and skills camps that are often available during the "off" months when regular league play is not occurring.  This allows youth athletes to still get out, play as a team, and continue to develop their physical and leadership skills even as college and pro teams may be in hibernation for the winter.  Therefore, children who participate in youth flag football, there is no sort of the “fall off the cliff” and the subsequent gloominess that occurs for college and NFL fans after the Super Bowl is over as they know they have to wait another six months for football to start again.

At Hard Count Athletics (HCA), we are no exception to the mood of excitement and enthusiasm that is striking many football fans throughout the country.  As one of the nation’s leading youth sports organizations, we offer skills camps and tournaments for youth athletes of all ages.  However, in addition to offering these year-round, nationwide opportunities to youth flag football players from around the country, our founders also have collaborated to create two of the most successful youth flag football programs in the country in the greater San Diego and San Francisco/Bay Area areas in California.

NFL Flag San Diego and
NFL Flag Silicon Valley

The founders of HCA have organized and launched two of the most successful youth flag football programs on the West Coast.  We are extremely excited to welcome the fall football season because it means that many of our youth flag football players get the chance to get out on the field and compete for their teams after having had some time off during the summer.  The leadership of HCA founded the NFL Flag San Diego and NFL Flag Silicon Valley youth flag football leagues consistent with our mission to bring youth sports to children all over the country.  NFL Flag San Diego has been in operation since 2013 and serves more than 5,000 youth annually who compete year-round on more than 400 teams in youth flag football leagues offered in the spring, summer, fall and winter.  Based off the tremendous growth we experienced in NFL Flag San Diego in such a short time, we launched NFL Flag Silicon Valley in 2018 with our inaugural spring 2018 league, which featured more than 200 players.  We are particularly excited for this fall season, given that it is inaugural fall campaign for NFL Flag Silicon Valley. 

More About Hard Count Athletics

In addition to the instrumental role that our founders have played in getting the NFL Flag San Diego and NFL Flag Silicon Valley youth flag football leagues off the ground, tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics that are held throughout the year permit youth sports teams to hone their skills against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation, and skills development.  Competing in tournaments helps contribute to the success enjoyed by youth flag football teams in both their regular weekly leagues as well as regional and national tournaments like those offered by HCA.  In addition to regional and national youth flag football tournaments, HCA also offers ten skills camps annually in six cities across the United States that draw more than 5,000 young athletes to improve their individual skills.  If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes to be his or her very best or developing his or her skills in an intensive yet fun skills camp environment, all while doing so in an engaging format that emphasizes character development just as much as skill work, contact Hard Count Athletics today at