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Teams’ Success Demonstrates Commitment of Parents & Coaches

By Hard Count Athletics, 08/31/18, 10:30AM PDT


Several of the victorious teams in the recent Best in the Nation tournament in Dallas, Texas, presented by Hard Count Athletics (HCA), traveled from as far away as Hawaii to compete in the tournament, demonstrating the commitment not only of the team members but also their parents and supporters to their success and development as both individuals and athletes.  The 6 and under age-group at the Best in the Nation tournament was won by the Savage Crew from Hawaii and the 14 and under age-group division was won by the Hawaii Packers.

For those who have been around youth sports for any amount of time, you will know the tremendous sacrifice these children's parents made for this tournament, and regularly make, so their children can compete in tournaments like this.  However, these sacrifices are often underappreciated, as many times the young athletes may not realize exactly how much their parents do for them until they are much older and have children of their own who are competing in youth sports.  Therefore, we at HCA want to offer a heartfelt thank you to the parents and coaches of the Savage Crew, Hawaii Packers, and all the other parents and coaches of the teams that compete in our youth sports tournaments and skills camps who make the financial, time, and other commitments necessary to enable their children to participate and succeed in youth sports at the highest level.

The Sacrifices Made by Parents of Youth Athletes

The hard work of the players on teams like the Savage Crew and the Hawaii Packers form a huge part of each team’s success in tournaments like Best in the Nation, but the people behind the scenes who are indispensable to the team's success often are not recognized or appreciated.  These include the parents, coaches, and supporters who often provide significant financial assistance for the team and its players to travel long distances to compete in a tournament like Best in the Nation.  Doing so requires buying plane tickets, paying for meals and hotels while on the road, and a host of other time-consuming and expensive efforts on the part of players' parents.  This is not to say that the players are ungrateful, but they simply may not realize at their age how much of a sacrifice their parents make so they can participate in a sport they love.

At HCA, we support the success and development of all our youth and believe that participation in sports is an essential tool in the development of every young person. Participating in youth sports has been shown to build confidence and leadership skills, and to improve classroom performance.  It is what we do and the reason we formed the organization in 2013 and is the reason for everything that we do.  We salute those parents who take time off from work, give up their weekends, and spend thousands of dollars to fly across the country and stay in a hotel and take their children to sporting events like the Best in the Nation tournament.

More About Hard Count Athletics

Tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics permit youth sports teams to hone their skills against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation, and skills development.  Competing and winning, in tournaments like the Best in the Nation, help contribute to the success enjoyed by youth flag football teams in both their regular weekly leagues as well as regional and national tournaments like the Best of the East, Best of the West, or the recently completed Best in the Nation tournament in Dallas. 

In addition to regional and national tournaments like the Best in the West, Best in the East or Best in the Nation, HCA also offers ten skills camps annually in six cities across the United States that draw more than 5,000 young athletes to improve their individual skills.  If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes to be his or her very best or developing his or her skills in an intensive yet fun skills camp environment, all the while doing so in an engaging format that emphasizes character development just as much as skill work, contact Hard Count Athletics today at