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Revamped Best of the Nation Tournament Pits Youth Flag Football Players from Across the United States to Determine Who Truly is the Best in the Nation

By Hard Count Athletics, 04/27/18, 6:45AM PDT


Hard Count Athletics (HCA) is again expanding their youth sports opportunities to give more young athletes from across the country the chance to compete against their peers to prove who truly is the best youth flag football team in the country.  Although HCA previously sponsored the Best of the West tournaments in 2015, 2016 and 2017, HCA has expanded what was formerly the Best of the West tournament into a nationwide series of tournaments for youth flag football players with sites in California, Nevada, Florida and Georgia.  The newly styled Best in the Nation series of tournaments now features sites in Atlanta and Orlando, in addition to the previous Best of the West tournament sites in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles.  The five regional tournaments will culminate in a final championship in Dallas, Texas on July 13 and 14 in a 12,000-person stadium on the grounds of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys training complex.

The Best of the West Tournament

In 2015, Hard Count Athletics teamed up with fellow youth sports organization WASUP Sports to create Best of the West, the largest five-on-five youth flag football tournament on the West Coast.  Since its inception, the Best of the West has hosted eight tournaments in four cities with its championship round being held the past two years in the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.  Although the Best of the West tournaments have been a smashing success for the past several years, the youth sports enthusiasts behind Hard Count Athletics decided to up the ante to give youth athletes from across the nation the opportunity to get in on the action and prove they were not only the Best in the West, but the Best in the Nation. 

The Best in the Nation Tournament Series

In deciding to expand the Best of the West tournaments into a series of nationwide contests culminating in a national championship in Dallas, HCA decided to outdo its previous efforts by offering a nationwide opportunity for youth flag football players to truly compete against the best in the country.  The Best of the Nation tournament was changed this year to include tournaments in Atlanta and Orlando, as well a final nationwide championship in Dallas in July.  The western tournaments began in Los Angeles on February 17-18 and will also be held in Las Vegas on April 28-29 and San Diego on June 16-17The winners of each of the regional tournaments get an automatic entry bid into the Best of the Nation tournament in Dallas. 

The winners of each tournament site will advance to the Best of the Nation tournament at the Ford Center at Star Stadium in Dallas on July 13 and 14, 2018.  Star Stadium is a 90+ acre facility that hosts the headquarters, training facilities and the home stadium for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.  The Ford Center is a state-of-the-art indoor stadium on that campus that seats 12,000 spectators.  The victorious teams of each Best of the Nation site will now have the opportunity to not only play against other teams from throughout the entire country, but also to play in front of thousands of spectators in a venue the likes of which most young athletes can only dream of playing in. 

In addition to expanding the geographic reach of the former Best of the West tournaments to cover the eastern and western United States, the Best in the Nation tournament series also expanded its format to allow larger teams to get the chance to compete.  Each of the regional championships now features a seven-on-seven format for the middle school and high school age divisions, whereas the Best of the West featured only a five-on-five format.

More About Hard Count Athletics and Its Youth Sports Tournaments

Tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics permit youth sports teams to hone their skills as a team against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation and skills development.  We put on tournaments that allow our youth to compete against other players their own ages from around the region.  Teams that participate in our tournaments often go on to enjoy great success in both regional and national competitions.  If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes for the title of Best of the Nation, while developing his or her skills in a fun, engaging format that emphasizes character development just as much as skill work, contact Hard Count Athletics today at