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NFL Flag Teams, who participated in Hard Count Athletics Tournaments, Experience Great Success at NFL Regional Championships

By Hard Count Athletics, 01/12/18, 5:30AM PST


Several NFL Flag Football youth flag football teams recently earned the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the NFL Flag National Championships in Orlando, Florida through their hard work on the football field. The teams were competing in two western regional NFL Flag championships for the opportunity to represent their respective regions at the NFL Flag Football National Championships that will coincide with the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl.  At the western regional championships recently held in Phoenix, Arizona and Costa Mesa, California, several teams from multiple western states triumphed over their peers to earn berths at the NFL Flag Championships powered by USA Football in Orlando in 2018.  Five of the six victorious teams had previously participated in past “Best of the West” tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics.  In addition to offering training camps that allow individual players to develop their skills, Hard Count Athletics also offers various tournaments throughout the year for teams like these five victorious youth flag football teams to hone their individual and team skills by competing against some of the best talent out there. 

The Victorious Teams

In the Los Angeles Chargers regional championships in Costa Mesa, California, three teams that previously competed in Hard Count Athletics tournaments earned a spot in Orlando at the national championships.  In the 9-10 group, the winning team was the Apex Predators from Las Vegas, Nevada, while the All Black Crusaders from Hawaii were victorious in the 11-12 age division and The Royalty, also from Las Vegas, were victorious in the 13-14 age division.  In the Arizona Cardinals regional championships, Team Impact from Phoenix won the 9-10 age division to secure a spot in the national championships, while the Arizona Dolphins, also from Phoenix, won the 11-12 age division to earn spots at the nationals in Orlando.  Although certain teams receive at-large bids to compete in the NFL Flag Football national championships, teams typically must win one of the 10 regional championships in order to compete at the NFL Flag Football national championships.  Doing so is extremely difficult, as the competition can be fierce, and the players are competing for ultimate prize - the ability to participate in a national championship game that will be played in the same stadium as the NFL Pro Bowl and broadcast nationally on ESPN.  Congratulations are therefore in order to each of the winning teams for surviving a harrowing field in their quest to reach Orlando.

What did each of these five teams have in common?  Each had participated in previous tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics like the annual Best of the West tournaments.  Tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics permit teams like the Apex Predators or All Black Crusaders to hone their skills as a team against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation and skills development.  Competing, and winning, in tournaments like the Best of the West help  contribute to the success enjoyed by these five teams at the NFL Flag Football regional championships and will serve them well at the national championships in Orlando.

More About Hard Count Athletics

Hard Count Athletics provide youth participants with the opportunities to inspire and challenge themselves through camps to help youth athletes develop their skills and tournaments to give them the opportunity to enjoy themselves while also learning important skills that will help their playing careers.  We put on tournaments that allow our youth to compete against other players their own ages from around the region.  Teams that participate in our camps and tournaments often go on to enjoy great success, as seen by the Our camps and tournaments also give players the chance to meet current and former NFL players to inspire them to compete at their best and see what is possible with hard work and determination.  If your child is interested in participating in meeting NFL players, developing his or her skills in a fun, engaging format that emphasizes character development just as much as skillwork, contact Hard Count Athletics today at

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