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HCA 2019 Championship Draws Nationwide Participants

By Hard Count Athletics, 06/24/19, 2:15PM PDT


The weekend of June 14th marked not only one of the most successful Hard Count Athletics (HCA) events that the nation’s leading youth flag football organization has put on since the organization’s inception, but it also served as the conclusion of the most successful tournament series that we have offered to date.  After the successful 2018 HCA Best in the Nation tournament series culminating in a championship tournament played on the grounds of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys training facility in Frisco, Texas, in a 12,000-seat arena, we did not think that we could possibly organize a youth flag football tournament series that would be as successful.  Nevertheless, in organizing the 2019 tournament series, HCA expanded the geographical reach of its youth flag football tournaments by not only offering qualifying tournaments in geographical areas where we had not previously held events, but some of the teams from the new tournament sites were victorious in the championship finale of the 2019 HCA championship tournament series.  This made for a true national championship on Sunday, June 16th.

The 2019 National Championship Tournament: Featuring Competition from All Areas of the Country

The winners from each of the six qualifying tournaments in the 2019 HCA qualifying tournament series that were held throughout the country beginning in January 2019 all came together at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, on Sunday, June 16th in the HCA National 5v5 Youth Flag Football Championships.  Instead of requiring each winning team to pay for a bid in the national championship, HCA decided to reward the hard work and determination shown by each of the qualifying teams by paying for each to compete in the national championship tournament.  We also wanted an extra incentive to encourage each of our winners from our six qualifying tournaments across the country to come together to compete against one another. 

The 2019 nationwide tournament series featured stops in some new locations for HCA, like Hawaii, and also featured tournaments in areas areas where our organization has previously hosted successful youth flag football tournaments or skills camps before, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, the Bay Area and San Diego.  The 2019 HCA nationwide youth flag football tournament series is just the latest in our organization’s offerings for youth flag football teams nationwide, and we are excited to have had the ability to expand into new geographical locations and introduce the HCA name to youth flag football teams in new parts of the country.

The winning teams and runner-up teams for the 2019 HCA National Championship tournament were the following teams:

6U: Team Mayjah League (Hawaii)

7U: Savage Crew (Hawaii)

8U: Fiyah Squad (Hawaii)

9U: 808 Redskins (Hawaii)

10U: HCA Elite Apex Predators (Nevada)

11U: Chandler Raiders (Arizona)

12U: Metro Select (Texas)

13U: Fastcamp Athletics (California)

14U: High Intensity Panthers (California)

Runner Ups

6U: SW Ballers (Arizona)

7U: AZ Kings (Arizona)

8U: Elite (Arizona)

9U: AZ Heat (Arizona)

10U: High Intensity (California)

11U: Hot Sauce (Arizona)

12U: Relentless (Hawaii)

13U: OC (California)

14U: Crusaders (Arizona)

HCA also sponsored a 7v7 flag football tournament in San Diego on Saturday, June 15, won by Relentless Hawaii.

Among the most gratifying aspects of the 2019 tournament series was the fact that the geographical reach of our tournament series was so diverse.  As can be seen from the list of tournament winners, teams who hailed from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas, HCA and its youth sports tournaments are reaching an increasingly large segment of the United States, in the process allowing our youth flag football tournaments to feature even better competition and give participants the opportunity to compete against teams from an even larger portion of the United States.

More About HCA and Its Youth Flag Football Tournaments and Skills Camps

Tournaments like the 2019 nationwide youth flag football tournament circuit organized by Hard Count Athletics permit youth sports teams to hone their skills against the best competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation and skills development. Competing in our flag football tournaments helps contribute to the success enjoyed by youth flag football teams in both their regular weekly leagues as well as regional and national tournaments like those offered by HCA.  In addition to regional and national youth flag football tournaments, HCA also offers youth flag football skills camps annually across the United States in a wide variety of geographical locations.  Our skills camps give youth players the ability to meet and learn from some of the NFL’s biggest stars what type of commitment and preparation it took for each of them to reach the sport’s very highest level.  If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes to be his or her very best or in developing his or her skills through either a tournament against national caliber competition or in a skills camp environment with a professional football player, contact Hard Count Athletics today at

  • 6U: Team Mayjah League (Hawaii)
  • 7U: Savage Crew (Hawaii)
  • 8U: Fiyah Squad (Hawaii)
  • 9U: 808 Redskins (Hawaii)
  • 10U: HCA Elite Apex Predators (Nevada)
  • 11U: Chandler Raiders (Arizona)
  • 12U: Metro Select (Texas)
  • 13U: Fastcamp Athletics (California)
  • 14U: High Intensity Panthers (California)