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HCA Adopts Gamebreaker Helmets to Enhance Player Safety

By Hard Count Athletics, 04/03/19, 8:45AM PDT


Hard Count Athletics (HCA), the country’s leading youth flag football and youth sports organization, recently decided to switch the headgear required at all our national and regional flag football tournaments to Gamebreaker soft shell safety helmets. At HCA, every decision we make ultimately comes back to ensuring the safety and well-being of our young players when they are on the field. Ultimately, we would not exist as an organization without our youth athletes and taking every step we can to ensure their safety is the least we can do to recognize the hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork exhibited by all of our players. We believe that creating and maintaining a culture of safety is the absolute most important step that we can take, particularly since some of our young players are not old enough to understand and/or appreciate the importance of proper safety equipment. 

Why Change the Headgear Required for Participation in the HCA Tournaments?

From time to time we review the available safety gear on the market in an attempt to take advantage of the latest in flag football equipment and the advances in the technology underpinning much of the safety equipment on the market to promote safety for our young players.  We were blown away by the advantages offered by Gamebreaker’s helmets as well as the manufacturer’s commitment to player safety, which is summarized by their mission of “aiming to create an environment for all athletes to compete at their fullest potential with the highest level of protection.”  

Gamebreaker’s headgear is used by over 250,000 athletes worldwide in more than 12 sports, including more than 250 youth flag football leagues nationwide, more than 750 high school programs from across the country and more than 50 NCAA programs. It is also used by seven NFL teams. Laboratory testing has shown that Gamebreaker’s headgear, which is compromised of a special shock absorption technology known as D30, absorbs more than 40 percent more force than competing products. It also outperformed all of the leading competitors while providing full-coverage impact protection when tested in three specific impact zones likely to occur during common types of collisions in a variety of youth sports. 

More about HCA, Its Commitment to Player Safety and Its Tournaments and Skills Camps

Hard Count Athletics offers both skills camps to give professional athletes and youth flag football players who may be aspiring professional athletes themselves the chance to train together and inspire one another. We do this by removing traditional camp restrictions to allow the young flag football players and our professional athletes the chance to interact as much as possible. The number of camp participants in each of our four to six annual camps is limited to 400 to ensure that every participant gets sufficient time at each station and also gives our celebrity athletes an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with each camper.

In addition to our youth flag football skills camps with some of today’s brightest NFL stars, youth flag football tournaments organized by Hard Count Athletics permit youth sports teams to hone their skills against some of the finest competition from around the country in a format that encourages safety, player participation and skills development. The six regional tournaments in the 2019 HCA Tournament Circuit lead up to the HCA June 2019 national youth flag football championships in San Diego on June 16.

However, we do all of this while ensuring that, first and foremost, participants in both our skills camps and our tournaments are as safe as possible.  If your child is interested in competing against other young athletes to be his or her very best in one of HCA’s youth flag football tournaments throughout the country or in developing his or her abilities in an intensive yet fun skills camp environment, all the while doing so in an engaging format that emphasizes player safety, character development, and skill work, contact Hard Count Athletics today at